I’d created this video as part of a promotional campaign for a workshop I held in Cairo. The video does provide a lot of valuable insights into why you might not be getting the results you’re looking for from your Facebook Ads. Please do note that this video is in Arabic. Here’s a list of the “mistakes” covered in the video:

  1. Using “Boost Post”.
  2. Not Split Testing.
  3. Advertising “Everywhere”.
  4. Going “Too Precise” (Please note that hugely broad audiences may now work well).
  5. Not Having a Website.
  6. Not Tracking your KPIs.
  7. Too Much Text in Ads.
  8. Not Retargeting “High Intention” Visitors.
  9. Judging Early and Killing Campaigns Too Quickly.
  10. Obsessing Over The Wrong Metrics.
  11. Congruency

Enjoy watching and let me know if you have any questions!